How exactly does the QRS®-PelviCenter treatment work? (functionally)

o   If a person wants to train his or her muscles he needs to do this by so-called “repetitive  Peripheral Muscle Stimulation” (rPMS). rPMS means that a muscle must be repetitively contracted and released (relaxation). With the QRS®-PelviCenter the muscles of the Pelvic Floor are repetitively contracted and released. Under a standard QRS®-PelviCenter program of 20 minutes the muscle is contracted 100 times. This can be increased by changing some of the parameters of the PelviCenter.

o   Additional note:
§  Please note that Relaxation of the muscles is equally important than the Contraction of the muscles. In customers suffering from Pelvic Floor disorders it is often very important to learn how to relax the muscles (for example in the case of Premature Ejaculation, part of the customers suffering from PE have Pelvic Floor muscles which are too tight and here the focus must be on relaxing of these muscles).

How exactly does QRS®-PelviCenter work technically?

o   The QRS®-PelviCenter makes use of Magnetic Stimulation.

o   A pulsating magnetic field is created which changes via a certain frequency (number of pulses per second = Herz).

o   This changing magnetic field creates an electricity flow in the nerves. Electricity flow means that ions are moving from one side of the nerve to the other side (the side which connects them with the muscles)

o   The nerves are connected to the muscles and respond by contracting the muscles.

o   After the magnetic field is released the nerves and the muscles relax.

Pulsating Magnetic Field à Electricity Flow à Nerves à Muscle contractions