Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you you want to increase your ejaculatory force and increase the intensity of your orgasm?

Do you want your penis to perform just like when you were 20?

Are you able to get an erection but not able to maintain and sustain the erection for a longer time?

Then start training your Pelvic Floor Muscles now !

What is Erectile ?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or maintain a rigid erection of the Penis during sexual performance
You are not alone !

More than 50% of men between 40 and 70 years of age regularly SUFFER from Erectile Dysfunction.

In addition many men suffer from Premature Ejaculation.
The strength of their Pelvic Floor Muscles is not strong enough to control/ delay the ejaculation.

In addition, when men get older, the force of the ejaculation decreases.
It becomes more difficult to have powerful ejaculations.

Also many women suffer from lack of strength of the vaginal muscles and reduced blood flow to the genitals.

Important: If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction it is important to consult a doctor in an early stage.

Often ED is a first symptom of an underlying disease such as heart disease or diabetes.
Our doctors can advise you on cost effective solutions which have a positive effect both on ED and on the underlying disease.

Many different causes for Erectile Dysfunction

There is many different causes for Erectile Dysfunction.
These causes include the following:
– “Psychological (depression, anxiety, marital discord)
– Vascular (ED caused by problems with blood flow)
– hormonal issues (testosterone, thyroid)
– pharmacological (ED is very often the side effect of certain medication, for example anti depressants)
– neurological issues (for example after injury or after long-term diabetes)
The vast majority of men with ED have problems with 2 or more of these causes.

The 2 most important factors for good sexual function (men and women)

Penile erection requires 2 vascular (blood flow) events:
1) In order to get an erection, blood must flow into the penis
Very important in this process of blood inflow are the so-called “smooth muscle cells”.
The smooth muscles are the muscles which are not controlled by the brain.
After sexual stimulation, these muscle cells need to relax to allow blood flow into the penis.
Many drugs such as Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) work by relaxing the smooth muscles and by widening of the blood vessels.
This helps in the process of getting an erection.

2) In order to maintain a strong erection, blood flow out of the penis must be blocked.
(the blood must remain in the penis).
Research in Germany shows that between 35% and 60% of men who suffer from ED
have weak pelvic floor muscles and these muscles are not strong enough to close the venous outflow of blood.
This symptom is called “Venous Occlusion Dysfunction”.
In order to keep the blood in the penis you need strong Pelvic Floor Muscles.
Pelvic Floor Muscles are not “smooth muscles” but are so-called “skeletal muscles” and can be controlled voluntarily by the brain.

What are the relevant Pelvic Floor Muscles for Sexual function?

The most important Pelvic Floor Muscles for sexual function are the following:
– Ischiocavernosus muscle
– Bulbospongiosus muscle
– Pubo Coccygeus muscle (PC muscle)

The proven benefits of Kegel exercises on improving sexual function of men and women
Kegel exercises and Erectile Dysfunction

Please refer to the “Testimonial” section of this website for an overview of Clinical Trial evidence.

Various studies have been carried out by leading doctors in Europe (Germany, UK, Belgium) proving the positive effects of Kegel exercises on sexual function of men.
Studies in Germany (Dr. F. Sommer) prove that in between 35% and 60% of the ED cases, the main cause was “venous-occlusive dysfunction”.

“Venous occlusive dysfunction” means that the pelvic floor muscles are not strong enough to close the blood vessels and keep the blood in the penis.
The studies prove that especially in this group of men, the effectiveness of Pelvic Floor Muscle training is very high.

Kegel exercises and Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is the most common male sexual disorder
Weak Pelvic Floor muscles make it difficult to delay an ejaculation
The stronger your Pelvic Floor muscles, the more control you will have over when your ejaculation will occur, which means that you wil be able to delay the ejaculation.
The best way to make the Pelvic Floor Muscles stronger is with Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises and improving the ejaculatory force:

Ejaculation and orgasm often become less intense, with diminished ejaculatory force and seminal fluid volume.

The bulbospongiosus muscle is responsible for propelling semen after “emission”.
A weakened Bulbospongiosus muscle may result in semen dribbling with diminished forece or trajectory.

A strong Bulbospongiosus muscle can generate powerful contractions that can forcibly ejaculate semen at the time of climax.

The stronger the bulbospongiosus muscle, the better the capacity for maximal engorgement of the corpus spongiosum, urethral pressurization and ejaculation.

The intensified ejaculation resulting from a robust Bulbospongiosus muscle enhances the orgasm that accompanies the physical act of ejaculation.

Pelvic Floor muscle training (Kegel exercises) thus optimize:
– ejaculatory volume
– force of ejaculation
– intensity of sexual climax

Kegel exercises do not help with all erectile dysfunction.

Kegel exercises is very effective in situations where the Pelvic Floor Muscles are not strong enough to block the outflow of blood from the penis.

Kegel exercises are not effective in other types of Erectile Dysfunction including:
– Psychological (depression; stress; anxiety; marital discord)
– Hormonal (testosterone; thyroid)
– Pharmacological (ED is often caused as the side effect of certain medication, for example anti-depressants)
– Severe neurogenic disease. For example in the case of long term diabetes.

QRS-PelviCenter is Automated Training of the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Training Pelvic Floor Muscles is similar to training other muscles of the human body.
Increased strength can only be achieved by repetitive Muscle Contractions.

250 Kegel self exercises per day build strength and will help improve sexual function.
QRS-PelviCenter is automated training of the pelvic floor muscles.

You sit fully dressed on the PelviCenter chair for 20 minutes and in these 20 minutes your pelvic floor muscles contract minimum 100 times.

With the QRS-PelviCenter exactly the right muscles are trained and with the correct intensity.

Use it or loose it!

For every physical activity you need strong muscles.
The same is for sexual activity.

For good sexual function both men and women need strong Pelvic Floor Muscles.
If you do not regularly use the muscles, then these muscles become weaker.

Many men do not know about Pelvic Floor Muscles
They do not know where these muscles are
They do not know what the function is of these muscles
And they do not know how to train those muscles.

QRS-PelviCenter and Kegel exercises are of key importance in improving the strength of the largest and most important set of muscles of the human body.